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43rd NAACP Image Awards

Monday, November 28th, 2011

“The Complex” – Donald W. Tucker (Dog Ear Publishing)
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43rd NAACP Image Awards
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Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011


Hello, bloggers/readers, I need to respond to a situation that has caused me some concern and a lot of anger. As you probably already know from reading my blogs and hopefully one of my books, most of my adult life has been spent working in Federal Law Enforcement. Although I think the majority of police officers have good intentions and are really there to serve and protect, there are some police actions that bring this institution down to the depths of over reacting and abuse. I won’t get into the 99% movement at this time, but I agree with the premise that until the people stand up & protest for what is right, they will always be relegated to a position at the bottom of the ladder.

What I want to discuss is the horrendous actions of the police at UC Davis. If you watch the film, (you can find it on You Tube), one of the police officers walks around the seated demonstrators (who are not causing any violence), holds up a can of pepper spray and proceeds to spray the demonstrators. He sprays them in their faces, eyes and bodies. He does does this in such a casual manner as if they are not human beings. This so called “officer of the law” initially holds the spray can high above his head, exhibiting his authoritative dominance and obvious disgust toward the seated protestors!!! Remember the N.Y City Police Commander?? He also sprayed some demonstrators who were following police orders, staying behind barricades and not causing any violence!! Power does corrupt absolutely.

I don’t care if you are a Democrat, Republican or Independent, this country doesn’t deserve law enforcement officers of this type. I know some police actions are difficult to enforce, but some common sense needs to prevail. In my career I was trained in methods to deal with situations of riot control and enforcement. I was taught to keep my composure… not lose it when confronted with adversity, and respond accordingly. Police are not, I repeat, not taught to pepper spray non violent demonstrators who are just sitting on the ground. Yes, at some point, the demonstrators may have to be physically removed and placed into custody. If they are non violent it is very easy. In the UC Davis incident, you can see the demonstrators are just sitting, not causing any obvious threats. Yes, as expected, the UC Davis police initially issued a statement regarding the incident, stating their police were acting within the scope of their duties to protect their safety. What safety if the demonstrators are not causing any safety problems, just sitting; why pepper spray them?? They have been placed on leave.

During my career, I have worked with some good cops and some not so good cops, but I think it is important to give you some personal observations from someone who has been there and done that!! I worked in some of the most turbulent periods in American history, as I described in my auto-bio “The Two Edged Sword”. I remember the civil rights days when police in Alabama used snarling dogs and clubs to try and control peaceful demonstrators. I remember looking at the vicious dogs biting the protestors while they were being clubbed by the police. I was there in 1968 in Chicago during the Democratic convention and observed the Chicago police in full riot mode, beating the anti-Vietnam protestors. The beatings in both of these situations were, in my opinion over the top. The police in Alabama, had the expressions of the snarling dogs with the same viciousness. I observed one Chicago police officer with his billy club raised high over his head, hitting a black woman who was on her knees, with such force and hatred, you would think he was trying to kill the most repulsive creature on earth. I was across the street and couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Are we seeing a return of this hatred by those who are supposed to serve and protect, even though they have a difficult job to enforce.

The police have a very tough job and should be congratulated for putting their lives on the line. But, the officers that go over the line should be dealt with swiftly and firmly. That is the only way for the police to regain the respect that is so sorely needed in these troubled times. Bloggers/readers what do you think?? Keep blogging, keep communicating.

Read Pepper Spray Event (Los Angeles Times)


Thursday, November 17th, 2011

Hello, bloggers/readers , I sure you have all heard and are obviously sickened by the stories coming out of Penn State University. Rightfully so and as more information is and will come out, some of the questions are……how and why did these horrendous acts occur and why weren’t they reported to the proper authorities. Yes, the offending coach is the main culprit and has been arrested, but the cover ups, the lies and the willingness to sacrifice the safety of our children, over the prestige of the University is beyond belief.

We have heard the phrase ” TOO BIG TO FAIL” in reference to our financial crisis. In my opinion, this is another example of “TOO BIG TO FAIL”; because it clearly identifies how the interests of a major institution will trump the need to protect our children from sexual abuse. Just look at what has happened in the Catholic Church sexual abuse scandals. There are countless stories in the media of Catholic Priests who have been engaged in sexual abuse of young people (children) for years, and have been protected by the church without any legal actions. These scandals have occurred not only in this country but all over the world! Why?…because the Catholic Church is “TOO BIG TO FAIL”. Power does corrupt… Absolutely!!!!

When an institution, whether it’s a Catholic church, school, financial institution, business or even Congress is presented with a situation that threatens it’s reputation or financial base, the first reaction is to circle the wagons and fight by all means to hold on to any appearance of legitimacy by it’s members. This is very sad, but it’s a reality we have to deal with.

The Penn State football coach, who allegedly observed the kid being raped, didn’t try to stop the rape nor was he legally required to call the Police. Morally, we all know he should have done more than what he did. He was big enough to physically confront the abuser; and it is my experience in law enforcement, that just a little physical intimidation will have prevented further abuse at that time, and maybe even prevented future sexual abuses of other children by this man. We will never know!! But, this coach decided to take the institutionalized route, think of the harm to his institution first, the prestige of his school, the aura of his football team and his position as a coach, over the physical rape being done to this little kid. There is no other way to look at it.

Penn State is probably one of the top football and academic schools in this country and has been so for years. Joe Paterno was a coaching legend, most wins in Division A football, respected for his program, getting kids to graduate and sending players to the NFL. Famous players like Lenny Moore, Franco Harris, Rosey Grier, Dick Hoak and Jack Ham to name a few. The football program brings almost 50 million dollars into the University. Why, would anyone want to bring a program like that down?? Why, Why??… Because morally and legally, it is the right thing to do. Unless of course, it was “TOO BIG TO FAIL”.

So, the culprit has been arrested, the President of the University has been fired, others have also been fired, and even legendary coach Paterno has been given the boot. But, what have we really learned that will prevent another Penn State debacle?? Remember the words in the song “WAR, WHAT IS IT GOOD FOR, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING”!! From what we have learned so far, will it stop sexual abuse in the Catholic Church?? Will it stop the big financial institutions that are controlled by the almighty dollar from gouging you and me?? Will it prevent a political party from protecting it’s own during a scandal; or will a lie or cover up be the preferred road to traverse, to keep the prestige of the institution intact, no matter how horrendous the act!! I seriously question, if in the future, we will learn from our past mistakes. Bloggers/readers what do you think?? Keep blogging and keep communicating


Sunday, November 6th, 2011


Hello bloggers/readers, recently a friend of mine, Thanks L, reminded me of a topic that I had not thought about for some years! I think, because of the current political and social climate, It is time for us to discuss this volatile subject matter which is impacting this entire country.

“Starve the Beast”, is a subject matter that can be very complicated and very, very difficult to understand. So, I will try to keep it simple and skip a lot of the fuzzy details. “Starve the Beast” will be referred to as STB. The term STB historically, goes back to at least 1907 in India, according to economist Bruce Bartlett, in his article in the Independent Review 2007. Much of the information in this blog comes from Bartlett’s article. The person from India was trying to lure a tiger into a cage by putting food into the cage. The tiger wasn’t biting and refused to go into the cage. The man decided not to give the tiger any food (starve) until the tiger was so hungry, he finally went into the cage and was caught. The tiger was starved into submission!! The STB theory has since been used in several administrations and political campaigns by GOP conservatives to STB. The Beast being the U.S. Government. The main premise is to cut taxes, cut off revenue to the Government, thereby starving the Government of money and forcing the government to cut spending…mainly on entitlement programs such as Medicare and Social Security. I hope you are not confused at this point, because I was, trying to understand all the intricate details.

Now you know why the GOP and the conservatives don’t want to raise taxes, want to privatize Social Security and put medicare recipients on vouchers. No money to the Beast. The GOP pushed STB during the Bush administration, when they cut taxes, had non-funded wars (increased spending) and continued to expand the social programs. That is why, today, we are saddled with the massive deficits. The GOP goal appears to be STB until there is a fiscal crisis and deficit so large and massive that the entitlement programs will have to be cut and undermined. This will, in the GOP’s opinion, reduce the size of Government.

Grover Norquist, a huge conservative and leader of the GOP congressional members, once allegedly said he wanted to make the U.S. Government so small, that he could drown it in a bath tub. I called him the leader of the GOP because he had them sign a promise not to raise taxes under any circumstances. The under any circumstances really scares me and should terrify most sane people. The safety and stability of this country is more important than Norquist, who is not even a member of Congress. Am I mistaken??? Congressional members are sent to Congress by the people of their state and should answer to them. But, the GOP congressional members of today’s Congress obviously feel they have to answer to Norquist, not their constituents.

I know this blog post could be a little boring, but we need to understand what is happening in order for us to be able to have accurate discussions among ourselves.

So, where are we?? Several economist today have debunked the STB theory because it hasn’t worked since the Reagan administration; the rich keep getting richer and according to a recent survey, 46% of the people in this country are living at the poverty level. We see the occupiers of Wall Street, trying to force a change, but the Wall Streeters are still laughing. One good thing is the occupiers forced B of A to drop that $5.00 charge. GOOD!! But, I would bet most of the demonstrators have a credit card or debit card in their pockets. Every time they use them, more $$$$$$$ to Wall Street. Are they actually FEEDING THE BEAST??? History tells me Wall Street will get the money some how, some way. Stay focused!! Or, move your money to a local bank or credit union.

Bloggers/Readers, I’m going to stop now, because this could go on and on!! One thought however to hang your hat on, If you STB and the BEAST finally runs out of food, will the Beast start devouring the poor people who can’t fend for themselves or even you and me?? STB hasn’t worked, taxes have been cut but spending hasn’t abated. The deficit keeps growing.The people and corporations are still making lots of money; they should pay their fair share, because they will eat more than cake. Some changes will have to made in some programs, but this country has always taken care of it’s people most in need. That is what makes this country GREAT. Let’s keep it that way!!! Digest, Keep communicating and keeping blogging.

Secret Service Pioneer Shares Tales of Danger, Bigotry(Marketwire)

Friday, November 4th, 2011

Secret Service Pioneer Shares Tales of Danger, Bigotry

PHOENIX, AZ, Oct 31, 2011 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) — Legalized discrimination continues in the United States, and one has only to hear about new state laws governing immigrants to witness it, says Donald W. Tucker, one of the nation’s first black Secret Service agents and author of “The Two-Edged Sword” ( )….
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