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Wednesday, November 14th, 2012


Well the election is over and all of you are either feeling very good or very sad that your candidate didn’t win. The news media is bombarding us with their analysis of why the President won, i.e., he carried the single white women vote, the black vote, the Hispanic vote, the gay vote and the Asian vote. But, he lost the vote of the white men….young and old, and the vote of married white women. All well and well, except did you notice how bad he lost the southern vote in almost every state. Why was that?? Was it just politics of liberal versus conservative political values or is Jim Crow alive and well??

I will address a subject that most people are afraid to talk about. We dance around it, give it a head fake, but don’t really give it an in depth assessment. I admit it may just be a subject we just can’t or won’t deal with, but why not? The news media will definitely pass on it because it is too explosive even if it is right before their eyes or on their on their TV screens. No one wants to be accused of playing the RACE card, even though it permeates the deck.

The Race Card is a real deal in this country and it should not be a shock to any of us. Should not shy away from its impact because it could be the time bomb that is actually ticking?

The media pundits are continuously giving their judgments of reasons why the president won and the coalitions that took him over the top. What I don’t see or what I haven’t heard is the percentage of some coalitions that tried to defeat him. Actually, the President’s margin of victory could have been much larger if the RACE card had not been a factor. There were so many people who refused to vote for him not because of his policies but because he was black. No, those people will not admit that fact but all of us have seen on TV and in the newspapers some of these right wing people, John Sunnunu, Russ Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Donald Trump, Newt and Glen Beck to name a few, voicing hateful vitriolic statements that elevated the anger and racial divide in the last election.

They knew what they were doing and why they were doing it. They are trying to reach their kind of people who would not vote for this black President, no matter what his political policies are. I applaud all of you who voted for a person, who in your mind would be the best person to be President of the United States, no matter what the color of his skin is. That’s the way it should be!! No President will be perfect and if he implements political policies that you don’t agree with, by all means vote him out. But the color of skin, gender, or ethnicity should not be used to decide something as important as the election of the president of the United States of America. I’m sad that this is what I saw in this election.

It was so heartwarming to look at the faces of the crowds in Chicago, New York, Las Vegas and Los Angeles cheering when it was announced that President Obama had been re-elected. Seeing the genuine joy, tears, laughing & clapping; you can really tell when people are happy and feel that their vote really mattered.

Now examine the attitudes of some of the people from the southern states. On the night of the election, several students from the University of Mississippi demonstrated on the campus shouting horrendous racial statements to the point where the campus police had to be called to disperse them. Several students were arrested after another demonstration of racial hatred broke out.

Unfortunately, I have some experience with the University of Mississippi. I was one of the Military Police Units (1962) that was sent to the university after racial rioting broke out when James Meredith tried to enroll in the school. Some people were killed and several were injured, including some troops, because a black person had the audacity to want to enroll in a state university. The looks on their faces and the racial statements they were spewing in 1962, the contorted facial expressions… the snarling teeth, were indicative of how they felt not only about Meredith, but blacks in general. Fast forward to 2012, the University of Mississippi after the re-election of the first black president… demonstrations, students shouting racial and derogatory statements, snarling teeth …….. has anything really changed??? This is an institution of higher learning and some of these students will in all probability be in some potentially high income jobs after graduation, still harboring racist attitudes and having some control over people of color. Can we be sure that they will treat all of their employees fair??

And, I will bet that at a University of Mississippi football stadium this Saturday, some of them will be in the stands cheering for the school team and even for a black University of Mississippi player who may score a touchdown. GO Figure!!

A final point about my experience in Oxford, Mississippi in 1962, although I was a jeep commander in my unit and I never actually got into Oxford as I was removed from my jeep command, (which was given to a white soldier), because of the fear that my black face would cause more hostility by the rioters. I cried when my unit left without me. I later learned, when writing my auto-bio, that the decision to remove the black soldiers was made by JFK and RFK. Another, go figure.

The Race card should be played because this country needs to at least try to eliminate some of the insightful racial comments by individuals who want to instill division and polarization in our people. If a network guest tries to promote this type of behavior on TV, why not cut them off and let them know they will not be invited back again! I know this will be difficult for some in the news media, but these people don’t deserve an audience to get their vile messages out. Threatening to deny them exposure may temper some of these unwanted race baiting comments. Someone told me a long time ago that ” you can’t change a person’s attitude, but you can change their behavior”.

This is a great country, let’s try to eliminate the things that tear this country down!

Tucker is the former Special Agent in Charge of the United States Secret

News & Experts Sept. 08, 2012 Radio Interview

Thursday, September 13th, 2012

Interview with Geneisis Communications/Amerika Now show on 9/8/12



Wednesday, September 12th, 2012


Hello, Bloggers/Readers, I have been waiting until the end of the two political conventions to give you my take. First and foremost, I love this country and all it has given me. I worked for the United States Government for over 35+ years, and on some occasions, I was put in some tough life and death situations. Fortunately, I survived and I want my country to survive. This is a great country and I really hate for some politicians, under the guise of getting elected, who will say anything, lie without any remorse and do anything to get an elite position in our government.

I thought very hard and believe me it was difficult to use the words in the title of this blog. But, after the conventions, I kept hearing comments by the republican politicians that our country is in this extremely difficult state because the current president hasn’t done anything since he has been office since 2009. According to the Republican party, the current president is the cause of the high debt crisis, the high unemployment rate and lack of jobs, the passing of Obama care and even polarizing this country. They, the republicans, have no qualms about lying, not supporting fact checkers and using massive amounts of money to basically try to BUY this election. At this point, enough is really enough!! I love this country too much, to not share my opinion about what this 2012 election cycle is devolving into. So, I urge you to read this blog, discuss it with your friends and love ones and most importantly VOTE!!!

TREASON is a tragic word and should only be used under the most dire circumstances and should only apply to persons who are trying to overthrow our government and aiding the enemy of this country to achieve this end. However, the reason I am using the term is to enlighten you regarding what was really happening during the term of this president.

On January 20, 2009, 15 republicans, met at a local Washington D.C. Restaurant to devise a plan to obstruct, impede, hinder and stop any attempt of the president to be successful in his first term. If you analyze what they did, I would say they were successful. They used the filibuster rule during the first couple of years to stop legislation the democrats were trying to propose, even though they were in the minority. In the Senate they successfully used the 60 vote strategy, against the democrats, to their advantage even though they were also in the minority, to stop, usurp and defeat this president at all cost. Unfortunately, the “at all cost” hit this country like a stake in its heart.

I understand, if your party loses, you will try to win in the next election. No one would have a problem with that scenario. But, in 2009 this country was hurting like no other period in our history. Millions of people were out of work, the country was experiencing a massive financial and economic crisis, the debt was going through the roof and thousands of people were losing their homes. This country needed help a lot of help!! What were these republicans doing on the very night the president was being inaugurated, plotting in the dead of night to bring down this country by denying the president the help he would need to get our country off its knees?

In his book, “Do Not Ask What Good We Do”, Robert Draper describes the meeting and identifies the republicans in attendance. Some of them were from the House… Paul Ryan, Eric Cantor and Pete Sessions; from the Senate… Tom Coburn, Pete Hoekstra, Dan Lungren, Jim Demint, John Ensign and John Kyle. Also in attendance was Newt Gingrich, who has had no problems stating he was a willing participant. In my opinion this meeting was an implied betrayal of trust and a violation of their oath of office.

They can’t use the excuse that they just didn’t like the president’s policies because he hadn’t even spent one day in the White House. They made a conscious decision not only to be there, but to engage in PERFIDY. When members of congress take an oath of office, they put their left hand on the bible, raise their right hand and state: ” I do swear and affirm I will support and defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear faith and allegiance same; that I take this obligation freely without mental reservation or purpose of evasion and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter, so help me GOD!!

For those of you who don’t remember this oath also states, “any person who falsely takes said oath, shall be guilty of perjury and on conviction shall be deprived of his office and rendered incapable forever of holding an office. What did, “SO HELP ME GOD”, really mean to them????? That meeting was a violation of loyalty to this country either in thought or in deeds. PERFIDY implies a deliberate breaking of faith or of one’s pledges and promises on which others are relying, meaning… this country and its immediate needs. It is an act of PERFIDY to cheat the innocent people of this country. The meeting and the subsequent acts of putting politics before your country is treacherous and implies being secretly traitorous but seemingly friendly and loyal. When they refuse to do the job they were sent to congress to do…., they should no longer be there. Plain and simple.

I think the term treason can be used and applied to those congressmen who attended that meeting and any other congress person who supported this act of treacherous behavior. If there is a violation of one’s oath of office and their allegiance to their country, it is because it is a deliberate betrayal of a trust and a breach of faith. Again I love this country and will do whatever is in my power to help this country survive. I took a similar oath when I started working for the United States government and I can say today, “I lived up to its meaning”.

I remember a video that I watched a few months ago of a severely physically disabled kid who wanted to run in a race to show he could complete it. All the kids laughed at him because they knew he couldn’t complete the run due to his handicap. Well, he started to run and his mangled legs were stretched to the max. Half-way he stopped, breathing heavily and feeling he couldn’t go any further. What happened next was what should be an inspiration to all of us, all the kids came onto the track, patted him on the back and urged him to keep going. They started to run with him, even at the slow gait until they all were at the finish line. Even some of the runners who were ahead of him had stopped prior to crossing the finish line and waited for him. No one crossed the finish line until the handicaped runner crossed before them. Winning was no longer important to any of them, they were all consummed with clapping for the winner of the race…The handicapped runner.

What is the moral to that story?? The handicapped runner needed not only help but some inspiration to finish the race. In 2009, this country needed help (and still needs help) and inspiration, but what did the republicans do…. they put party before this country, and in effect prohibited this country from getting off it’s knees. Unfortunately, they will continue to do what ever they can to either defeat this president or if he is re-elected, they will try to make his second term null and void, and try to destroy him.This is not what our government should be about!

Bloggers/Readers, I hope this lengthy explanation helps you understand why this President was not as successful as you may have liked him to be. What can we do?? One word, VOTE, VOTE, VOTE. This is our country and if we put people in congress who will violate their oath of office, they should be made null and void and removed from office. I know, as sure as I am writing this blog, nothing will be done to the treacherous 15 or to the co-conspirators, but at least you know where their thought processes are. Keep Blogging/Keep communicating.

Tucker is the former Special Agent in Charge of the United States Secret Service for the State of Arizona, the former U. S. Marshal for the State of Arizona, the former Chief of security for the Administrative Office of the U. S. Courts in Washington D.C., and in this capacity, coordinated the investigation of the Oklahoma City bombing for the AOUSC. Tucker now is the owner of a private investigation company in Arizona. He has authored two books, one…an auto-bio and the other a mystery novel.


Wednesday, July 25th, 2012


Hello Bloggers/Readers, I know all of us are horrified at the news coming out of Aurora, Colorado. What can we learn from this homicidal act allegedly perpetrated by an individual who apparently had no compassion for human life?? At this point, I guess we will have to wait for him to either speak or cooperate with authorities and hopefully tell us why.

Historically, this country has had to deal with among others, the University of Texas shootings by Charles Whitman in 1966, 14 people killed, including the killer; The Columbine shootings in 1999, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold killed 12 students, 1 teacher killed and the two shooters commit suicide; the Washington D. C. Snipers, John Muhammad and Lee Malvo, killed 10 people in 2002; the Virginia Tech massacre in 2007, Seung-Hui Cho killed 32 people and then committed suicide. Do we not remember Congresswoman Gabby Gifford of Tucson, Arizona, shot in the head and 6 people killed by a deranged gunman in 2011? Now in 2012, we have James Holmes shooting and killing 12 and injuring 71 people in Aurora, Colorado. What has been done to implement some kind of gun control regulations to try and at least limit or prevent these horrendous acts??? NOTHING …… As sure as I am writing this blog, other tragedies of this type will occur.

Our main concern should be how easy it is for these people to get the guns, get the multiple bullet magazines, get several thousands of rounds of ammunition and other security devises without any checks and balances.

Also, in the Aurora incident, where did he get the money to buy these things?? Did he have some type of mental problem that could have been put on a security data base to alert law enforcement?? Why don’t we have security alerts, manned by law enforcement, to send a RED flag whenever someone is identified purchasing massive amounts of ammunition, guns and bullet proof gear in a period of only a few months??

I am a former law enforcement officer and I know almost all law enforcement agencies would and have fought vigorously for more gun control laws for their own safety and the public they protect. In some of our larger cities, the bad guys have more fire power than the police. Gun control laws will prevent, in my opinion, some of these type acts. Not all, but at least they would help prevent people from buying bullet magazines that will hold 100 rounds of death and destruction and the ability to buy 6,000 rounds without being detected. Laws that could put systems in place to require people to be put on a security ID alert list and maybe put waiting periods in place. It seems so simple and the right thing to do. What is keeping us from implementing the type of security measures that will possibly prevent this type of carnage?? In my opinion it’s the NRA and the fear politicians have of this organization and its political power.

The NRA openly issues threatening literature that warns politicians of political consequences if they don’t adhere to gun rights supported by the NRA. It is so obvious how our politician’s cringe and fear even talking about gun control because they want to get elected. Where are the politicians who have the guts to act and the courage to stand up to the NRA?? The NRA is the biggest money maker for gun sales and Walmart is the biggest seller of guns. They are also the biggest lobbyist at congress. What is that saying, all you have to do is follow the money!!!!

Even If you put the question of gun control to the two people currently running for president, guess what their answer would be?? Either silence or a two step, although it’s the Republicans who have historically supported the NRA and their NRA supporters who strongly believe President Obama wants to take their guns away!! I wish that were true. I still remember the actor and NRA member Charleston Heston, holding up the rifle and saying “from my cold dead hands”. That scene was at a NRA convention supporting gun rights and Heston’s reference to Presidential candidate Al Gore who supports gun control laws.

I think some of these gun nuts will never support gun control laws that in their opinion will infringe on their rights to have as many guns they can afford, whether they really need them or not, no matter how many innocent people are killed. The funny thing is I believe in the second amendment and a person’s right to have a gun and the right to protect themselves. But, I don’t believe in a person’s right to be able to buy a bullet magazine that holds 100 rounds, to buy 6,000 bullets, the right to buy or carry assault rifles or the right to buy any of those things if they have some type of mental problem. Fortunately the magazine in the Aurora incident apparently caused the weapon to jam preventing more people from being killed. There are some politicians, who support the NRA, who are making some very stupid statements advocating gun rights and the second amendment regarding the Aurora shootings.

In support of the right to bear arms, some politicians have said “if some of the other theater goers had had guns, they could have stopped Holmes”. Think about that!! If other people with guns would start shooting at Holmes, bullets would be flying all over the theater. Who was associated with Holmes?? ” I don’t know but if someone is pointing a gun at me, I am going to shoot back”. Can you just imagine the chaotic and frightening scene with every one with a gun trying to take down Holmes or is it the person behind me, or the person to my left, or the person in front or…… They all have guns!! That statement clearly illustrates the lack of intelligence and total obsession with gun rights. So, do these politicians realize there were people in the other theaters who were injured when bullets went through the walls??

To really bring this gun control issue to a boiling point …. there is a politician in Arizona, who had a hand in passing the Arizona SB 1070 law and tried unsuccessfully to pass laws allowing guns in public places and even on college campuses. He recently made a statement on the Aurora incident and it says all that you need to know about some supporters of gun rights. He actually blamed the victims and those injured in the theater, alleging they bore some of the blame because if they had tackled the shooter, they could have prevented him from shooting more people!!!! To me this says it all about the mentality of some of the gun rights people. BLAME THE VICTIMS. I can’t believe some people would be so stupid and not have a problem making such ignorant and inflammatory statements to support their cause and beliefs. We really need help!!

Bloggers/Readers, stay safe and keep communicating!!


Sunday, June 24th, 2012


Hello, Bloggers/Readers I hope you are still striving to staying on top of the issues impacting this country of ours, both in the political and social arenas. It is so very important for all of you to stay engaged to make this country as great as it should be.

How many of you remember this phrase: The Right of Citizens of the U.S. to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the U.S. or by any state on account of race, color or previous condition of servitude. Most of you will remember this is a part of our Constitution. Don’t we need an Attorney General that will enforce this right, without political pandering or are we doomed to go back to pre-civil rights days???

What about this: I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the U.S. against all enemies foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter; so help me God!! This is the oath that members of Congress take while putting their hand on the Bible.

I think you know where I am going with this. I don’t care if a member of Congress has a “R”, a “D” or an “I” by their name, we the people send these men and women to Congress to represent us and adhere to the principles of our constitution. This country is more important than one individual’s political ideology. If that oath means anything to them, and putting their hand on the Bible means anything, they are required to support the Constitution of the of the U.S. If they don’t, they have no right to hold the office.

We have recently learned that when the current President was being sworn into office, a group of people with a “R” in front of their name were secretly meeting and devising a nefarious scheme to deny, obstruct and prevent this President from having any kind of success during his term. Their goal was to prevent him from having a second term. I have no problem with the opposing political parties to want their person in office. That’s the way our political system works. BUT, and it is a very large BUT, this country was hurting when this President came into office. The economy was going into the toilet, homes were under water, people were losing jobs, plants were closing, I could go on and on.

So what should that tell you?? If that oath was important and the Bible really meant anything to these people, why were they devising a secret plan to make the President fail? Yes, initially he did have a majority in both houses of the Congress. But, another huge “But”, in the House, a filibuster can stop anything that the majority wanted to do. That is what happened in the House, a record number of filibusters. Secret meeting point, accomplished!! Deny, Deny, Deny. In the Senate, again the “D’s” had a majority, but again the need for 60 votes and filibusters can stop anything. Mission accomplished again. Deny, Deny, Deny.

Why didn’t the “R’s work on things to help this country, their country, and not be hell bent on taking this President out?? I believe in the spirit of our Constitution and I also believe in that portion that states ” DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION of the U.S. Against ALL ENEMIES FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC”. That meeting, which was held by the “R’s’, (and many of the “R’s” that attended the meeting have admitted it took place) was an insult to the Constitution of the U.S.,when this country needed so much help during this period. I would like to think that some “R’s” believe in the Constitution but I’m not so sure when the “R’s” are voting as a political block. No wonder this Congress has such a low rating with our citizens. What do you think is going to happen if the “D’s” have a secret meeting if the “R’s” win?? Bloggers/Readers things have to change and the only way to put this country first is by our votes.

Yes, this 2012 election is important, very important to all of us. Your votes can make the politicians understand what the preamble of the Constitution really means: WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES, IN ORDER TO FORM A MORE PERFECT UNION, ESTABLISH JUSTICE, INSURE DOMESTIC TRANQUILITY, PROVIDE FOR COMMON DEFENSE, PROMOTE THE GENERAL WELFARE AND SECURE THE BLESSING OF LIBERTY TO OURSELVES AND OUR PROSPERITY, DO ORDAIN AND ESTABLISH THIS CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES. This is a very important document, let’s keep it whole!! Keep Blogging and communicating


Friday, April 13th, 2012


Hello Bloggers, I want to compliment all of you who have entered into an important dialogue regarding this tragic incident. I have observed some spirited comments on Blog Critics, regarding my previous post “Why did Trayvon Martin Die”, those comments will hopefully have a positive impact to help this country deal with these issues. Each of you has the right to express your own opinion regarding this situation and we won’t always agree with each other but, the communication is important.

Most of my adult life has been in law enforcement and I was waiting to not only find out what the special prosecutor would decide regarding whether to prosecute Zimmerman or not, but I wanted to hear additional facts regarding this incident, such as, did one of the Sanford police officers file a report suggesting he didn’t believe Zimmerman’s account of what happened that night?? Unfortunately, based on Florida Law we will have to wait for this type of evidence. After listening to the special prosecutor, I applaud her for making a tough decision. All of the protest, hostility and anger could have been avoided if this type of thorough investigative process had been conducted immediately after Trayvon Martin’s death.

Trayvon Martin probably would have been a case of justifiable homicide due to the Stand Your Ground Law, if not for the protest, outcries across the country and Martin’s parent’s perseverance. Trayvon Martin was initially listed as a John Doe for three days, even though the police had his cell phone. We should remember the statement of the Stanford Police Chief who said Zimmerman would not be arrested. The special prosecutor didn’t throw the Stanford Police Department under the bus but, if we just examine what we do know, a complete and proper investigation wasn’t done. The Governor of Florida was forced to name the special prosecutor and that was the right call.

The Martin case and the protests also have caused some States that have a Stand Your Ground Law, to re-examine the validity of the law. This is a good thing!! This law has not been applied correctly, based on everything I have learned. Can we as a country accept the premise that an unarmed teenager can be killed and the killer can get off without any prosecution, just by saying “I feared for my life”? The original intent of the law was to protect your castle (your home) and Stand Your Ground, if someone has broken into or trying to break into your home and you feared for your life. I don’t have a problem with that!! But, I do have and everyone should have a problem with this law as it extends to areas outside the home.

This law has been abuse on several occasions and will continue to be abused in the future if something isn’t done to correct it. I will remind you of one case in Texas, when a man cited the Stand your Ground Law, when he observed two men burglarizing a home, not his, left his home with a shot gun and shot the burglars. His life wasn’t in danger. Was he a hero?? He had been on the phone with the police and was told “Don’t go outside of your home”, he went anyway, cocking his gun for the police to hear. Does this law give the shooters the applied appearance of immunity?? What if he had been killed?? What if he had accidentally killed the other home owner?? What if he was killed by the police who told him not to go outside and they didn’t know who he was?? In Texas, he was treated as a hero!! He stood his ground!! This law causes vigilantism by citizens and a shoot first Wild West mentality prevails. Zimmerman was also told not to follow Martin, he said “Okay”, but continued to follow Martin and a confrontation resulted in the death of Martin. In my opinion, based on my experience, a person can’t fear for their life if they are pursuing someone they fear!!

Zimmerman deserves and will have his day in court and now let us wait for a judicial verdict. Keep Blogging/keep communicating.


Friday, March 30th, 2012

Hello Bloggers/Readers, as we continue to watch and hear stories of the murder of Trayvon Martin, I have been waiting for positive actions and ideas that will hopefully deal with the cause of Martin’s death. Instead, I have recently read about a New Orleans Policeman who posted a comment about the Martin tragedy. In his post, he admitted making a comment about the Martin incident by stating, “Act like a thug, die like one”.

Most of you are aware my entire adult life has been in law enforcement; and I believe in the right of free speech. But, police officers are and should be held to a higher standard of ethical conduct. This is needed to ensure the support of the communities they serve and the image of the departments that they work for. The statement, “Act like a thug, die like one”, certainly won’t help!!

At a time when we are all trying to understand not only why Martin died and how we can prevent another tragedy, this kind of statement, will only ignite the flames of racial hostility. Several of our minority communities are still dealing with issues of police misconduct; and a statement like the one made by the New Orleans police officer will cause more suspicion and distrust of police agencies nationwide. It calls into question the judgment and professionalism of this officer; and, it forced the New Orleans Police Chief to suspend him. The police officer resigned from the department, but does that put this story to bed??

The story has gone viral in social media with both positive and negative comments. I haven’t seen or heard anything that would suggest Martin being a thug, unless wearing a Hoodie makes you a thug!! National media commentator, Geraldo Riviera has stated that “the Hoodie had as much to do with Martin’s killing as Zimmerman”, the man with the gun, who killed Martin. This was a stupid statement and Rivera has since tried to dial it back. But it was very interesting that Rivera also stated, “Blacks and Latinos should not wear hoodies.” He didn’t mention whites in his “don’t wear Hoodie” statement. Obviously , based on Rivera’s statements, all blacks and Latinos who wear hoodies will be viewed as criminals in the eyes of our society. I have three sweat shirts that have hoods and I am black. What should I do with them?? If I used Rivera’s analogy & I were to wear one my sweatshirts and put the hood up on my head, would I be viewed a criminal in the eyes of Rivera’s society??

There are several apparel stores that are still selling sweat shirts with hoods. The Miami Heat basketball teams and several other teams have warm ups with hoods. How many of you have sweaters with hoods?? Are you automatically a criminal if you put the hood up?? When the New Orleans police officer said, “Act like a thug, die like one”, was he referring to the fact that Martin was wearing a Hoodie and therefore made Zimmerman profile him as being suspicious and subsequently murder Martin? Martin was just walking through the neighborhood with skittles and a soda can….not acting like a “thug”, unless I have lost the definition of “thug”. Webster’s dictionary describes the word “thug” as “a brutal ruffian or assassin: gangster, killer’. In my opinion, that doesn’t describe Trayvon Martin.

I just saw a video of Zimmerman being taken to the police station. After looking at the back of Zimmerman’s head, his shirt and jacket for any evidence of blood… Bandages…or injuries; I failed to see anything that would support his claim of having his head banged on the ground & his nose broken and bloodied. I guess we will have to wait for additional information. Keep/blogging and communicating.

Donald Tucker is the former Agent in Charge of the U.S. Secret Service for the State of Arizona; A Presidential appointed U.S. Marshal for Arizona; the Chief of Security for the Federal Court System nationwide and owns a Private Investigation Business in Arizona. He has also written two novels.


Wednesday, March 21st, 2012


Hello Bloggers/Readers, I have been following the story out of Sanford, Florida about the killing of the 17 year old teenager, Trayvon Martin by the neighborhood security block watcher George Zimmerman. Here’s what we know at this point. Martin was walking through a neighborhood in Sanford, Florida after buying a bag of skittles and some ice tea at a store(Martin’s father lived in the neighborhood). Zimmerman in his SUV, allegedly observed Martin walking in the neighborhood (SWWB) and reported to a police dispatcher that Martin was acting suspicious, looking at homes and looked like he was on drugs. Zimmerman then stated ” these guys always get away”. The dispatcher asked Zimmerman if he was following Martin and Zimmerman responded “yes”. The dispatcher told Zimmerman not to follow Martin, let the police handle it.

At this point only Zimmerman and Martin know what actually happened and Martin is now dead. We do know Zimmerman left his vehicle and there was an apparent physical confrontation between Zimmerman and Martin. People in their homes called 911 and reported they were hearing loud voices and someone yelling for help. The voices could be heard on the 911 tapes and a single gun shot could also be heard.

Zimmerman has stated he shot Martin in self-defense because he felt threatened and feared for his life. I should note that the State of Florida has a law called ” Stand your ground”, which allows individuals to defend themselves, if they feel their lives are in danger. I don’t think this law applies in this case because in my opinion, Zimmerman was not in immediate danger. This incident has exploded nationwide because no legal action has been taken against Zimmerman. The Sanford police are saying there was no legal action they could take because they couldn’t refute Zimmerman’s self-defense claim. Martin’s family and other people are very upset that Zimmerman hasn’t been arrested as his explanation of the event just doesn’t make sense.

I have spent over 30 years in law enforcement and have to agree the Sanford police should have conducted an immediate investigation into Zimmerman’s actions and presented the case to the attorney’s office. The police department is now being forced to conduct a thorough investigation of the killing of Martin. The killing occurred on February 26, 2012 and if there wasn’t an uproar from the Martin family and others, I believe the Sanford police department would have just closed this case with a judgement of justifiable homicide.

It’s sad that in 2012 we still have incidences of racism, racial profiling and an appearance of a lack of value for the life of a black teenager, both by Zimmerman and the Sanford Police department. What jumps out at you is a question… if Zimmerman was black and Martin was white, with all of the facts being the same, would Zimmerman be in jail. I think he would.

Some people have a problem with the use of playing the race card. This in my opinion is because the race issue is very difficult for people, the media, politicians and academia to adequately discuss. This country still has a problem with racial issues and the race card should be played if it is a factor in issues of our life. We can’t be afraid to tackle sensitive subject matters such as these because it has the potential to destroy our society.

Zimmerman reminds me of some security guards who can’t qualify as a regular police officer, either due to lack of experience, education or prior law enforcement contacts. Zimmerman was arrested in 2005 on suspicion of battery against a law enforcement officer. Although the charge was eventually dropped, it probably killed his chance of becoming an official police officer. Law enforcement officers would call these people wannabes, who look for any way to show they are or can be just as proficient in law enforcement as an actual police officer.

Zimmerman’s actions, in my opinion, demonstrates a person who had an ax to grind… he was going to prove he was as good at police work as any police officer. It didn’t matter that the dispatcher told him to not follow Martin and he said, “Okay”. He obviously left his vehicle and confronted Martin. He wouldn’t have felt that he feared for his life, if he had just listened to the dispatcher, stopped his surveillance and stayed in his SUV. His comment of ” these guys always get away” shows a pre-disposed negative attitude towards Martin, bordering on racism. Was his attitude….. this guy is not going to get away from me???? As a neighborhood watch guard, Zimmerman is prohibited from carrying a gun. Their instructions are to watch and report to the police. Not to be a policeman and make an arrest!!

Martin was just walking through the neighborhood going to his father’s home. No neighbor had called to report him. Zimmerman reported Martin looked suspicious because he wore a hooded sweater and was looking at homes. Also, Zimmerman reported Martin was carrying something… As it turned out, a container of tea and a bag of skittles. These are the facts that caused Martin’s death. If Martin was white, he would still be alive. Martin died because of SWWB.

Zimmerman has stated it was his voice yelling for help!! That is in question because Martin’s mother says: “the voice was that of her son”. It is hard for me to believe Zimmerman feared for his life and had to shoot Martin, because Zimmerman is not only 100 pounds heavier but also had a gun and Martin only had skittles. Why would he have to yell for help?? Another question… why was Zimmerman allowed to carry a gun if he was arrested in 2005 for assault??

I hope Martin and his family receive the justice they deserve and that this case will serve as a barometer to prevent this type of thing from re-occurring. Keep blogging and communicating.


Saturday, March 17th, 2012

Hello Bloggers/Readers, I hope you are continuing to have dialogue with each other on all of the important social and political issues that are affecting our lives.

I am sure you have been following the stories coming out of Afghanistan involving the killing of at least 16 Afghanistan citizens. I was waiting to get more information before I posted my blog but, after hearing that the soldier who allegedly murdered these people had been transported out of the area and returned to the U.S., I know this situation will not be resolved anytime soon.

Let’s go over what we know at this point. A U. S. Soldier allegedly left his camp in the dead of night, went into an Afghanistan village and indiscriminately killed 16 unarmed people, mostly children, and burned their bodies. He then allegedly walked back to his camp and turned himself in. This has now turned into a major international incident with finger pointing and threats of retaliation from the Afghanistan people and the Taliban against our troops and against our country. Now what happens?? Now you will hear different accounts of what occurred from both sides and we will be left with making our own assessments of what actually happened. Will we ever know the whole truth??

So, why am I writing a blog about this incident at this time?? I am writing because I am very concerned about what is happening to our brave men and women who are putting their lives on the line, day after day, night after night, fighting to help these counties survive. Some of these soldiers are being deployed 3, 4 and even 5 times back to either Iraq or Afghanistan. Then, when they are back home with their families, they are preparing and training to go back and kill more people. Some maybe ticking time bombs who are not getting the proper help to deal with war.

No wonder people and doctors are talking about PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and identifying it with our military troops returning from a war. How many of our troops have this disorder and are being sent back into military conflict?? If we don’t have a proper mechanism to determine if a soldier is under this type of stress condition, will we have another mass murder of unarmed people and children and with soldiers killing their comrades?? What about the impact on their families when they try to assimilate into regular day to day living between deployments??

I think the mental stress and strain put on our troops should be extensively examined and the physiological impact accessed. What would make a soldier, who also allegedly had some brain damage from a previous incident, walk into a village and murder those people in cold blood?? Did he feel they were the enemy and they all looked alike?? Or did his constant re- deployments cloud his judgment to the extent that they were just casualties of WAR?? Maybe he was angry at the loss of a fellow soldier and just wanted to get even!! I’m not sure we will ever know, because now the wheel of CYA begins. Why was he cleared for re-deployment after brain injury??

If a player has a concussion after or during an athletic event in this country, the doctors tell teams to sit them down and not let them play. I don’t know how long it was after this soldier’s brain injury; but, was one soldier needed so badly that some officer or doctor couldn’t make a command decision to sit him down and take him out of the game?? Who is really at fault when something like this occurs???

This Afghanistan incident is not the only situation of PTSD. I’m not going to try and discuss every situation that has happened in the past, but I will remind you of the stressed out soldier who killed five of his own comrades in Baghdad in 2009, and the soldiers in 2010 who testified about their Sgt., who ordered them to kill unarmed Afghanistan civilians. And we can’t forget the Army major who killed 11 and wounded 31 people in Foot Hood Texas in 2009! Does war produce a mentality that suggests incidences like these are a product of war??

Most of my career has been in law enforcement and I have either seen police officers or witnessed police officers, under stress situations, who overreact in trying to handle or deal with a violent confrontation. More force than necessary is often utilized because of the stressful nature of the incident. Also there is an acute development of a very hostile attitude toward the perceived enemy…in law enforcement, it’s against the criminal. With the military it’s against the enemy combatant, and probably in Afghanistan or Iraq, against anyone who looks like the enemy. In this blog, I won’t comment on the marine who recently referred to the President as being the enemy, under the alleged umbrella of free speech!! What does that tell you about his military discipline??

I don’t want to be overly critical now, but I still remember instances from our past history when WAR trumps common sense and civility. I don’t know how many of you are old enough to remember the massacre at My Lai during the Viet Nam conflict. My Lai has been called “Murder in the name of War”. I have posted a link to the Wikipedia article for your review. It will open your eyes. (347 to 504 unarmed citizens were murdered under the guise of either war or the military attrition strategy, an emphasis on body count and kill ratios.)

Wikipedia My Lai massacre

I mentioned the My Lai incident to illustrate the cover up that occurred in the CYA scenario to protect those involved. The mass cover up lasted for 18 months and some big named people were involved. As I stated in one of my other blog posts, when the institution is too big to fail, all bets are off!

Some of these Wars are not only costing the lives of our soldiers but the prestige of our country. We are being put in a position of fighting for a country that hates us and is looking at our troops not as saviors, but as cold blooded murderers. If constant re-deployments is the issue and causing the mental stress that can’t be identified, maybe we should set a limit on re-deployment to no more than two occasions. If we then determine we don’t have enough troops, reassess our ability to complete the mission and pull out!! We now have had to deal with some of the Afghanistan soldiers turning on our troops and killing them. The Secretary of Defense during a recent trip to Afghanistan had a touchy security situation which forced all troops, including U.S. Forces, to be disarmed during his visit.

It would be nice to continue to be the world’s policeman, but at what cost!! In our political system, we have our war hawks who believe this country should fight tyranny wherever it exists in this world. How many lives of our troops should we sacrifice to satisfy the hawks? What happened at My Lai, when the American public found out what was done, was one of the primary factors that forced an end to the Viet Nam war. The American people protested so vehemently that our troops were eventually pulled out.

I am reminded of the comment in Wikipedia, made by Colin Powell about the My Lai incident, …” in war, these sorts of things happen every now and then”…. and the comment of the Viet Nam General in describing Lt Calley, the only soldier convicted of the massacre, “Calley tried to get revenge for the deaths of his troops, in war this is natural”. My comment about these casual statements is: are these statements the type justification we can expect to support every war the U.S. gets involved in?? What is that song again, “War, what is it good for……..”

I hope this recent incident opens our eyes, the eyes of our military and the eyes of our government to carefully and judiciously examine this situation for the sake of our soldiers and our country’s well being. Keep blogging and communicating!!

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Internet creates wider venue for political threats(USA TODAY)

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

As campaign rhetoric boils and Americans on both sides of the political divide hurl insults, law enforcement officials are watching social media carefully for threats or signs of violence.

“Historically, it’s the same issues we’ve always had and the same things people are upset about,” Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan said. “There are just a lot more venues for people to put it out there, including the Internet.”
Last week, a group of Arizona men, including a Peoria, Ariz., police sergeant, triggered a federal investigation when they appeared in a photo posted on Facebook with weapons and what appears to be a bullet-riddled image of President Obama. The sergeant has been removed from patrol and assigned to desk duties pending an internal investigation.
The Secret Service on Wednesday assigned protection to Mitt Romney, who is seeking the Republican presidential nomination. Republican contender Herman Cain, who has dropped out of the race, had also received federal potection.

The Secret Service assesses every potential threat or what Sullivan calls “inappropriate interest” to determine if someone is simply mouthing off or intends to act. The agency won’t say how many threats it fields. “We are very aggressive in running it down,” Sullivan said.
The agency established an Internet threat desk in 2000, spokesman Ed Donovan said. “Logic dictates we receive more information to sift through and look at, but it doesn’t necessarily translate to more cases,” he said.

Donald Tucker, a Phoenix private investigator who served as a Secret Service agent for 25 years, says he’s stunned by the level of incivility and disrespect. He said he fears the nasty rhetoric could trigger violence.
“I have never seen any political campaign with the type of hatred, animosity and language directed not only at the protectees, but also at the president of the United States,” Tucker said.

“It seems as if there’s a lack of respect for the office of the presidency,” he said.

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