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Thursday, May 31st, 2012


Hello Bloggers/Readers, I hope all of you are continuing to communicate and engage in important discussions relative to what’s happening in this country…YOUR COUNTRY!! It is my hope that this blog post will impact your thought processes and provide some assistance in helping you mold the direction of the U.S. of A. Posts on my blog have not and will never be for profit. My passion comes from your comments and it continues to be my great pleasure to serve you. With that said:

I am very concerned with the direction of our judicial system and how recent judicial decisions have had a serious & disastrous impact on the democracy of this country. Federal Judges are appointed by the President of the U.S. and confirmed by the Senate. Most are appointed based on their close political alignment to… and ideology of that President and remain on the bench even after that President leaves office. The political ideology of the Judge remains entrenched for the life of that judge. Now, my question to you… Does anyone, unless they are some kind of higher spiritual being, deserve to sit in judgment over you or I forever? It doesn’t matter if the Judge is appointed by a Republican, Democrat, Independent or Libertarian, shouldn’t they have a set time limitation?? One Federal Judge was on the bench to the ripe old age of 100. Would anyone really like to appear before that judge and have him decide your fate??? I wouldn’t and it wouldn’t be because of age discrimination. The President, State Judges, City Judges, Political officials, just to name a few, all have term limits. A political ideology that a Federal Judge has when they are appointed in their early years may change when they are in their 70’s, 80’s or 90’s. The times and conditions of this country, in all probability, will also change and we need Federal Judges who don’t have ancient attitudes & political beliefs, whether they are conservative, liberal or progressive.

One of the current political candidates has made a big issue of getting rid of activists Federal Judges and the decisions that they are making. Obviously, these comments are directly associated with those Federal Judges who are making judicial decisions that go against the political ideology of that political candidate. That is the way our current Federal Judicial process is. Some Federal Judges who are currently on the bench, and who have been previously appointed by Democratic and Republican Presidents, are still hearing cases until they DIE!!!

Some very important judicial decisions have and will impact our lives and our democracy, such as voting rights, health care, voting re-redistricting in states, immigration issues, & Roe vs Wade issues (including abortion and a woman’s right to chose), decisions on gun rights and so many others). Some decisions we will like and some will p— us off, but until we get political opinions and ideologies out of court decisions, we and our democracy will be affected.

Based on my job experiences, I have seen the power that exists on the Federal Bench. The life-time appointment has made some, not all of these Federal Judges feel they are untouchable& invincible. It gives the appearance that these Judges sit just below a higher being. No one should have that kind of power or treat their position as a place of divine right. They are supposed to follow the tenet of the law, not their individual beliefs. If there is a case before them that is a conflict of interest or it has a wife, friend or close relative associated with it the judges should be required by law or a moral necessity to excuse themselves.

My biggest beef is with “the SUPREMES”, and I am not talking about Diana Ross and company:):):) I don’t think there is any position, place or institution that has the extreme almighty power of the Supreme Court of this country … allowing their members to be there for life! Decisions made by this court have the potential to not only control our lives and our standard of living.

The historical reason Federal Judges have life time appointments was to ensure they could act independently, without undue influence or coercion from either the Executive or Legislative branches of Government, so they can make impartial decisions. I think this would be a fair judgment if political ideologies were not so prevalent. The life time appointment of Federal Judges was established under Article 111 of section 1 of the constitution and would need a constitutional amendment to change it, but I do feel this is what is needed.

Just look at the Supreme Court’s 2010 decision on Citizens United. It allowed so much money to be introduced into our election process that you either have to be a millionaire or have a super-pack with enormous amounts of money from corporations and wealthy individuals just to compete. A person who is intelligent and would be good for this country can’t stay in the game if he/she doesn’t have much money. That’s very sad because it deprives us of some talented people.

It is important that you as a citizen of this country exercise your GOD given right to have your vote counted and not be marginalized by some mega corporation that contributes million of dollars to get their person elected. In the 2012 election, we will see some elections bought and/or brokered by these corporations and the super rich, who have been allowed by the Supreme Court to contribute
huge sums of money as if they are a person, just like you and me. They don’t even have to put a name to their contributions. This totally impacts our democracy and actually nullifies our votes. This country shouldn’t be bought or bartered and we should demand nothing less.

This Supreme Court is not making decisions purely based on the rules of the constitution; they are making them based on individual political ideologies and beliefs. That is so wrong, but what can we as the people of this country do, if they have life time appointments????? NOTHING!! Think of this, what if we get a President who may have a radical ideology, who appoints a member of the Supreme Court who may be very young but has the same radical ideology. That would mean that person would sit on the Supreme Court for years and years, making radical judicial decisions. The Citizens United Decision will paralyze this country for years unless it is repealed and it will probably nullify your vote. Public financing is probably the way to go and even considering making the November election day a holiday!!!!

The 2012 Iowa election is an example of what could and did happen to the democratic process. Millions were poured into that election and what happened… they not only got the results of the election wrong, but votes in some areas was actually lost. Gone!! Not counted. We know the Republican Party was controlling the election and wanted a certain candidate to win. I don’t want to say something nefarious happened, but how can votes in small areas be lost and not counted?? Have these political elections become so important that winning at all cost trumps moral character.

Remember the 2000 Presidential election? Think about that one. How many of you voted and thought your vote counted? It didn’t matter because that election was decided by “the SUPREMES”. All of our rights as citizens were cancelled along with our votes! I think a term of 20 years may be appropriate for Federal Judges and “the Supremes” or no longer than a Presidential term. What do you think???

So Bloggers/Readers stay focused, stay engaged and keep communicating.


Thursday, April 19th, 2012


Hello Bloggers/Readers, I hope all of you are staying on top of the news and current events in this country and most importantly communicating.

Today I need to discuss a subject that has become a national news event and has been an incident that will continue to impact my life. I say this because the agency that I spent most of my adult life working for has been brought to its knees. Literally, brought to its knees. I worked for the U.S. Secret Service for 25 years. During this time, I never would have imagined agents of this elite agency would ever lower themselves to a level that would bring so much disgrace to this country, the Secret Service and to the President of the United States!

To say I am very angry would be putting it mildly. How could these guys act in a manner that is not only unprofessional but stupid? I have always believed agents of this agency should be held to a higher standard of ethical conduct. If after an initial investigation, it is determined that the allegations are true, then I think those involved should be fired. (I just recently learned that some of the agents have already been fired or removed; but the damage is already done and the prestige of the agency will forever be tarnished).

Some may say that because prostitution is legal in that country, the agents didn’t do anything criminal. That is not the point!! They were there to provide protection for the President and were representing their country…our country. There were so many bad things that could have occurred that would’ve or could’ve impacted the security mission. The agents had the President’s schedule, persons he was to meet with, places he would be visiting, etc. What if a terrorist group had used the prostitutes as a plant to either gain security information, to perhaps assassinate the President, or harm the agents and security personnel, or embarrass this country?? The President was there to meet with other heads of countries and this incident over-shadowed the entire Presidential conference. The President had to respond to questions regarding this incident while at the conference. Prostitution in this country is mostly illegal; but we have had members of Congress, heads of city government, etc., who have been identified as being customers of prostitutes. They have kept their jobs; some have gotten other visible positions. Doesn’t this send a negative signal and give an impression that these acts are excusable and condoned??

I retired from the Secret service in 1990 and I hope the culture of “the Service” hasn’t deteriorated to a point where their protective mission is compromised. The director of “the Service” has to take a thorough look at his agency and make the necessary changes to prevent a re-occurrence of this sort of situation. The people of this country are entitled to expect people in these positions to be beyond reproach. This should be demanded of all government employees… The President, Congress, judges, agency heads, employees, etc. Yes there will be some mistakes… That is human nature; but swift action needs to be taken in incidents of this type or these acts will be repeated.

I still have problems believing this incident and understanding why it happened. I appeared on a local television station this week and discussed my career and what should be done to the agents involved. This is not a “sweep under the rug” situation or a “too big to fail” scenario. The life of a President could be at risk!

Fox 10 News Interview

African American Profile Radio Show, 1/11/2012 (Rowan Radio WGLS-fm 89.7)

Monday, February 27th, 2012

Hello everyone just wanting to share a radio interview with you. Enjoy!

Listen to Interview


Thursday, November 17th, 2011

Hello, bloggers/readers , I sure you have all heard and are obviously sickened by the stories coming out of Penn State University. Rightfully so and as more information is and will come out, some of the questions are……how and why did these horrendous acts occur and why weren’t they reported to the proper authorities. Yes, the offending coach is the main culprit and has been arrested, but the cover ups, the lies and the willingness to sacrifice the safety of our children, over the prestige of the University is beyond belief.

We have heard the phrase ” TOO BIG TO FAIL” in reference to our financial crisis. In my opinion, this is another example of “TOO BIG TO FAIL”; because it clearly identifies how the interests of a major institution will trump the need to protect our children from sexual abuse. Just look at what has happened in the Catholic Church sexual abuse scandals. There are countless stories in the media of Catholic Priests who have been engaged in sexual abuse of young people (children) for years, and have been protected by the church without any legal actions. These scandals have occurred not only in this country but all over the world! Why?…because the Catholic Church is “TOO BIG TO FAIL”. Power does corrupt… Absolutely!!!!

When an institution, whether it’s a Catholic church, school, financial institution, business or even Congress is presented with a situation that threatens it’s reputation or financial base, the first reaction is to circle the wagons and fight by all means to hold on to any appearance of legitimacy by it’s members. This is very sad, but it’s a reality we have to deal with.

The Penn State football coach, who allegedly observed the kid being raped, didn’t try to stop the rape nor was he legally required to call the Police. Morally, we all know he should have done more than what he did. He was big enough to physically confront the abuser; and it is my experience in law enforcement, that just a little physical intimidation will have prevented further abuse at that time, and maybe even prevented future sexual abuses of other children by this man. We will never know!! But, this coach decided to take the institutionalized route, think of the harm to his institution first, the prestige of his school, the aura of his football team and his position as a coach, over the physical rape being done to this little kid. There is no other way to look at it.

Penn State is probably one of the top football and academic schools in this country and has been so for years. Joe Paterno was a coaching legend, most wins in Division A football, respected for his program, getting kids to graduate and sending players to the NFL. Famous players like Lenny Moore, Franco Harris, Rosey Grier, Dick Hoak and Jack Ham to name a few. The football program brings almost 50 million dollars into the University. Why, would anyone want to bring a program like that down?? Why, Why??… Because morally and legally, it is the right thing to do. Unless of course, it was “TOO BIG TO FAIL”.

So, the culprit has been arrested, the President of the University has been fired, others have also been fired, and even legendary coach Paterno has been given the boot. But, what have we really learned that will prevent another Penn State debacle?? Remember the words in the song “WAR, WHAT IS IT GOOD FOR, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING”!! From what we have learned so far, will it stop sexual abuse in the Catholic Church?? Will it stop the big financial institutions that are controlled by the almighty dollar from gouging you and me?? Will it prevent a political party from protecting it’s own during a scandal; or will a lie or cover up be the preferred road to traverse, to keep the prestige of the institution intact, no matter how horrendous the act!! I seriously question, if in the future, we will learn from our past mistakes. Bloggers/readers what do you think?? Keep blogging and keep communicating


Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

Hello blogger’s, I guess wonders never cease. I just was made aware of the fact that the new MLK monument in Washington D.C. was actually made in China. Give me a break!!!! Our jobs are being out source, our economy is tanking, our people are demonstrating, not only in this country, but all over the world fighting to achieve better lives for themselves and now we get the ultimate slap in the face. A tribute to one of this countries greatest leaders, is sent to a another country to be created. I know the original sculptor backed out of the project for creative differences, but I am sure this country has someone that could have made this project an American reality. I would like to know who made this decision and if they believed this was okay, what about America FIRST???

I was appalled when I heard about the San Francisco bridge being made in China and now this!! I think the prestige of this country is going down hill. What does other countries think of us when they see the US of A sacrificing it’s ability to manufacture anything any more and apparently has no problem tattering it’s image in the eyes of the world. Please, don’t come up with IT”S OBAMA”S FAULT, some of these decisions were on the drawing board and agreed to prior to his becoming President.

I pray that, at some point, politically, socially and religiously we can put our heads together and as MLK would say ” WE SHALL OVER COME” and think of the big picture, the future of this country. Bloggers, keep communicating, keep thinking and keep blogging!!

Read MLK memorial made in China in The Telegraph


Sunday, September 4th, 2011

Hello Bloggers!! It has been awhile since I last posted and it feels good to be back talking to all of you. I was in my home town, Chicago ( in Tinley Park, Ill) a few weeks ago at a very nice book signing for my book “The Two Edged Sword”. It was hosted by a fabulous woman Linda Davis of Davis Elegant Events and 16 different book clubs were in attendance. The Clubs were from all over the country. It was heart warming to be in the presence of so many wonderful women, who are not only sharing life experiences but reading and reading and reading. Some stated they would rather read than SHOP!! Wait, only a few made that statement:):):)This is so needed in this country, to share the knowledge gleaned from this venue and to passed it on to our future generations. Keep it up Ladies!! However, the one problem I did noticed, where are the men’s book clubs?? Come on guys, stand up and be counted, our kids need you to help them become better people. Least us not forget, our prisons are populated with guys who probably didn’t have enough mentors and readers to point them in the right direction. Our woman can’t do it alone, although they are trying. Ladies you are BEAUTIFUL!!

Comment: recently the news has been filed with yet other stories of polarization in our society. A Black congressman from Indiana made a statement, at a Congressional Black Caucus event, about some members of Congress, who owe their election to the Tea Party Movement, “would love to see us as second class citizens. Some of them in Congress right now would love to see you and me … hanging on a tree”. (Focus on the use of the words “SOME OF THEM”), he was talking about and identifying the extremist in the Tea Party Movement who have had no problem spewing hatred and vitriolic venom towards the President, depicting him and his family as chimpanzees and even spitting on black members of Congress.

From the other side, you have a white Congressman from Illinois, who not only stated he wasn’t going to attend the President’s speech next week on trying to produce JOBS, but he also called the President an Idiot.This individual also supports a portion of the Tea Party agenda for fiscal responsibility, yet owes over $100,000 in back child support for his own kids. And he talks about hypocrisy!!!

So who is right?? Since they both have the right of free speech, we need to examine their thought process and how their statements may or may not have any resemblance to any facts.

First let’s examine the statements of the Congressman from Illinois. Both Political Parties are talking about JOBS!! The Country is hurting, unemployment is over 9% and almost 16% in the black community and here he is he stating he is going to boycott the speech?? What was he sent to Congress for?? Does he hate this President so much that his disrespecting the office of President means more to him than trying to find a solution to this country predicament?? Second he called the President an idiot. This statement requires no explanation but let me try!! The President is a Harvard Graduate, was President of the Harvard Law Review, a community organizer, a U.S. Senator and now President of the United States. Who is the real idiot!?! Although he is now trying to dial it back and issued a lame apology, the utmost inner feeling of this man is exposed and he can’t dial it back, no matter how hard he tries. He is now only trying to be politically correct, but that racist attitude is still festering inside of him. That attitude is what the Black Congressman was referring to…… Going back to Jim Crow laws and the hanging from trees of black people who were lynched in the south because they were considered less than a human being, property if you will!!

Now let’s examine what the Black Congressman thought processes were. Unlike the white congressman, the black congressman is reliving the dark history of racism that his ancestors were subjected to. White people have never walked an inch in a black persons shoes, to know how it felt to be a slave, persecuted, demonized, treated less than a human being and yes, even murdered just because of the color of ones skin. The Black Congressman was pointing out the recent incidents of horrible behavior against people who they believe are inferior to them and definitely should not be allowed to hold the office of President of the United States.

Again he was not calling out all Tea Baggers, just the certain ones who are extremist who “want their country back” and go back to the good old days of segregation, unequal treatment and slavery.

So, in conclusion, the Black Congressman was sending out a warning that the extremist behavior will not be met with silence, but with vigorous candor. It’s a message that should also be sent out by the non-extremist of the tea party, that such vicious, vitriolic attacks on any person, will have no place in their movement. Some, not all, means just that.

Yes, the black congressman was harsh in his description of the Tea Party, but someone told me along time ago and it is appropriate to this discussion: IF THE SHOE FITS!!!

My next blog will be on another topic that is in line with this post. It is about the meaning of the Black Congressman words ” hanging on a tree”. Think of the great jazz singer Billie Holiday’s rendition of ” STRANGE FRUIT”!! Keep Blogging!!

New Facebook page

Friday, August 26th, 2011

Hey all you bloggers, just letting you know there is a Facebook page for all you fans. Happy blogging!!

Book Reviews from

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

I found this book to be well written, intriguing, eye opening and informative. Mr Tucker needs…
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Washington Update Interview: Thursday, July 14th at 12:00 PM ET for 30-60 minutes

Thursday, July 14th, 2011

Hello bloggers,
Just a heads up on an interview Don is doing. This interview is scheduled for Thursday, July 14th at 12:00 PM ET for 30-60 minutes. The hosts of the show are Andrew Kreig and Scott Draughon.

Newsmaker Sunday Don Tucker (06/19/2011)

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

FOX 10’s John Hook speaks with former Secret Service agent Don Tucker, who has written a book about guarding high profile people, like the presidents of the United States. He explains what signs he looked for to keep them safe.

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